In October 2014, Tonia Mishiali was appointed by the Ministry of Eduction and Culture of Cyprus and Rialto Theatre, as one of the Artistic Directors of Cyprus Film Days International Film Festival. She also holds the position of Film Representative in the Board of Directors of the Directors Guild of Cyprus since January 2014.

Born in Famagusta, Cyprus in 1973, her love for the moving image from an early age, led her to pursue her dream and become a filmmaker. She studied Media Production in the UK and in 1997 she moved back to Cyprus to start working as a director and producer, also creating her own production company.

She loves experimenting with different mediums- in her career she has directed and produced for theatre, film, video and television in Cyprus and abroad, dealing with a variety of subjects and adopting original approaches. She has exhibited her work and participated in a big number of national and international film and performance festivals. Between 2011 and 2014, she directed five performances for the stage, in Cyprus, all of which got very good reviews. Particularly, the experimental performance “Inanimate collateral loop” (2011), a collaboration with a choreographer and an applied artist, participated in the group video exhibition “Undefine” at Marl’s Glass-Box Museum in Marl, Germany. Her second short film, Dead End” (2013), has won 5 awards and over 35 nominations for the film’s official selection at International Film Festivals all over the world, including the Golden Pardino – Leopards of tomorrow at the 66th Locarno Film Festival in 2013, where the film made its World Premiere. Her latest film “Lullaby of the Butterfly” (2014) was officially selected at 20th Sarajevo Film Festival for its World Premiere in August 2014 and has also won the Best National Film and Best Cinematography Awards at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus in 2014. She is now developing her debut feature film.

She has worked on other Directors’ short and feature films as 1st Assistant Director, Production Manager and Executive Producer. She has also exhibited her photography work many times over the years and won various awards in national and international photography competitions.



You can view a selection of her work on VIMEO and YOUTUBE.



“Lullaby of the Butterfly” (2014) 19’54” short film – social/drama/mystery

“Dead End” (2013) 15” short film – drama/comedy

“Blind Passions” (2010) 33′ short film – period drama



“The road to the windmill” by Electra Georgiades (2014) – staged reading (ETHAL)

“Centuries away from Alaska” by Akis Demou (2013) – musical play (DIONYSOS THEATRE)

“The woman who cooked her husband” by Debbie Isitt (2012) – play (INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION – SATIRIKO THEATRE)

“Inanimate Collateral Loop – part II” (2011) – experimental/performance (INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION – PALLAS THEATRE)

“Inanimate Collateral Loop” (2011) – experimental/performance (INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION – PANTHEON GALELRY)



“Magic beans” (2015) by Theodoros Panayides (in post-production) feature film – comedy – Production Manager / Executive Producer

“Family member” (2015) by Marinos Kartikkis (in post-production) feature film – drama – Production Manager / Executive Producer

“Aishe is going on vacation” (2013) by Haris Therapis 20’ short film – drama – 1st Assistant Director / Production Manager

“Dreams of memory” (2011) by Costas Chrysanthou 18’55” short documentary – drama/war – 1st Assistant Director

“Gimme 6” (2001) by Rita Leena Lynne 8×30’ mini series – drama/childrens – Assistant to Director


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