More Awards for DEAD END

I am thrilled to announce that DEAD END has won one award and one special mention at the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2013.

These are two very important awards as they are from our Country’s official Festival and is especially appreciated. Three very important people from the Film Industry were the Judges of the International Short Film Festival of Cyprus: Lars Henrik Gass (Director of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen), Nancy Bishop C.S.A. (Emmy-nominated casting director) and Manuela Cernat, Ph.D., D.H.C. (major representative of the Romanian academic society and an important Romanian cultural ambassador).

The “Michael Cacoyiannis Directing Award” has been presented to Tonia Mishiali (Director of DEAD END) for the “pseudo-realistic depiction of selfishness and loneliness”.

A Special mention for “Best Sound Design” has been presented to Marco Lopez (Sound Designer of DEAD END).

I am happy to continue DEAD END’s Festival Journey with one nomination, three awards and one special mention. Next stop: RIO DE JANEIRO- BRAZIL

A special thanks to the Ministry of Education & Culture without which this film would not be possible, the sponsors, the crew and the cast (for their dedication) and last but not least my friends and family who supported me on every level!

cyprus festival diploma international short film festival of cyprus-08


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