2 Awards for DEAD END

Ten days of travelling to 3 Festivals, the trip has proved a success after receiving “Silver Dionysos” (2nd prize for narrative film) at the 36th Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece and the “Directing” Award at the 19th Athens International Film Festival “Opening Nights” in Athens Greece.

award dramadiploma drama

The jury in Drama has awarded DEAD END “for the tender approach, resourcefulness and the economy in expressive means, the award is accompanied by €10.000 worth of post production facilities and a complete set of digital camera, courtesy of Authorwave for the director’s next film”.


In Athens the jury praised the Director for “the highly successful, accurate and discrete way that balances between the comedy and tragedy of an elderly couple facing the fear of the end”.

These 2 awards have made me really happy, giving me strength to carry on making movies! I thank everyone who helped made this film possible!

Following the 2 awards came loads of publicity in Greek and Cypriot newspapers, magazines and internet sites. You can view them all in the section PUBLICITY.

But I would like to refer to 2 very good reviews about DEAD END, on flix.gr and camerastyloonline.wordpress.com.


“Dead End by Tonia Mishiali: A very strong participation in the Greek competition section this year in Drama, «Dead End» already comes with a participation in Locarno Film Festival to recommend an outstanding artist who talks about the alienation between an elderly couple in contemporary Cyprus as an apocalyptic, beautifully photographed and with a genuine sense of rhythm, fresco of a world in limbo. It is one of those films that manage to talk about a more general image of the crisis of society without showing it, and those that make you think for a long time after they have finished”.


“The best film I have seen so far for the elderly, presented with respect and an effort to try and understand the distance that grows between two partners within the years. Sound design, use of music, performances, composition and mise-en-scene, all crafted with professionalism and sensitivity”.


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